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A Business Arrangement (Harlequin Romance #2966)

By: Denton, Kate

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin Books: 1989

Seller ID: kb012252

ISBN: 0373029667

Condition: Good

189 pages; spine creases, edge wear; Lauren was embarrassed when Matthew Kennerly threw her out of his office. He'd been outraged that she could believe he had answered her newspaper ad for a husband. Well, Lauren was outraged, too. She'd taken a businesslike approach to finding a partner, and the Dallas attorney's accusations and threats had added insult to injury. View more info

The Road Boss (Harlequin Romance #1998)

By: Dingwell, Joyce

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin Books: 1976

Seller ID: KB012454

ISBN: 037301998X

Condition: Fair

190 pages; spine creased and taped, cover creases, edge wear, notes inside front cover; Gemma was on her way to the outback to marry Bruce Mannering. Before she had even arrived there, she met Tim Torrance, who promptly informed her that she was making a great mistake. How dared he interfere? But when Gemma actually met Bruce's family, she began to have the uneasy feeling that Tim might possibly have been right. View more info

Enter With a Kiss

By: Dixon, Diana

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Don Mills, ON; Canada, Harlequin Books: 1985

Seller ID: kb007372

ISBN: 0373083777

Condition: Good

188 pp; spine and hinge creasing, light edge wear; Silhouette Romance #377; Andrea liked her life as a math teacher, so why was she fighting so hard to regain her former eminence as an actress? Especially when she was going to be directed by Logan Kincaid, the only man she had ever loved. He was going out of his way to make her job difficult, but she could hardly blame him.. You couldn't expect a man like Logan to easily forgive the only woman to ever break his heart. Still, as long as they were together, there was the tantalizing possiblity that he might direct her where she wanted very... View more info

Image for Indiscretions (Bride's Bay Resort Family Saga)

Indiscretions (Bride's Bay Resort Family Saga)

By: Donald, Robyn

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 1995

Seller ID: kb011661

ISBN: 0373616457

Condition: Good

251 pages; spine crease, edge wear, water stain on bottom page ends; Mariel loved Bride's Bay Resort, its Sea Island location, its friendly staff. She'd jumped at the offer to translate there again--but soon wished she hadn't. For one thing, working for a security-conscious delegation was no job for a woman with a past. For another, there was Nicholas Leigh, the most commanding, charismatic man Mariel had ever met and--for her--the most dangerous! From the start a feral and magnetic attraction crackled between them. An affair with a delegate would be indiscreet enough. If Nicholas discover... View more info

Behind A Closed Door

By: Donnelly, Jane

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Toronto, Harlequin Romance: 1979

Seller ID: kb007272

ISBN: 0373022700

Condition: Good

189 pp; spine crease, light edge wear; Harlequin Romance #2270; Synopsis: Peter Craig was a very successful, very ruthless lawyer, but away from the office he had a charm that was irresistible. Janna had been attracted to him instantly - against her better judgment. Growing up in a small village hadn't prepared her to deal with this devastating man of the world. He was vulnerable and inexperienced - no match for Peter Craig. For her own sake Janna resolved to keep their relationship on a safe friendly basis. Falling in love with him could only lead to heartbreak. View more info

Image for Forest of the Night (Harlequin Romance #2255)

Forest of the Night (Harlequin Romance #2255)

By: Donnelly, Jane

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin Books: 1979

Seller ID: kb011692

ISBN: 0373022557

Condition: Good

186 pages; hinge creasing, light edge wear; Sally knew she'd never trust again! Painful memories of a shattered dream haunted her. It was still so hard to believe--betrayal by her fiance and her best friend! Pride told her that she must get away somewhere, somehow, to recover. And Sally had grabbed at the only chance available. She had practically blackmailed Adam Burgess, writer and TV personality, into giving her a job. They disliked each other, but even so, she would show him she was no quitter! And if he could handle the steaming jungles of the Amazon--so could she! View more info

Nurse Lambert's Conflict

By: Douglas, DIana

Price: $4.00

Publisher: New York, Signet Books: 1969

Seller ID: kb009513

Condition: Very Good

125 pages; some edge wear; Michelle was Rick's scrub nurse, standing behind the surgeon as he worked, pressing the vital tools into his gloved hand. She was beautiful, capable, and she loved him.. Bernice, Rick's heiress-patient, was beautiful and loving too. And she had millions to pour into Rick's hospital. Could Michelle expect Rick to give up the realization of his dream... for her? View more info

An Unlikely Combination

By: Duquett, Anne Marie

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 1988

Seller ID: kb009908

ISBN: 0373029187

Condition: Good

188 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Harlequin Romance, No 2918; Forest Ranger Sherii Landers felt her heart sink when she learned the name of her new partner. M. S. Barrett - reputed to be the most difficult and demanding ranger at Rocky Mountain station.. And a man who didn't like working with women... View more info

You Never Can Tell

By: Eagle, Kathleen

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Avon: 2002-04

Seller ID: kb012781

ISBN: 0380810158

Condition: Good

370 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Once a media darling, sexy Native American Kole Kills Crow vanishes after a tragedy. Reporter Heather Reardon has found him--but she finds the hero of her fantasies wants nothing to do with his past. Nights spent together ignite a passion. But Kole is thrust back into the spotlight, forcing him to face the demons that haunt him--making Heather wonder if she can trust her heart to a lover who can never be completely hers. View more info

The Magnolias

By: Ellis, Julie

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Fawcett: 1976

Seller ID: kb010778

ISBN: 0449231313

Condition: Fair

271 pages; reading copy - heavy edge, spine, and cover wear, page yellowing; The Magnolias was a place where a brazen Southern society could forget their sinful pasts by living in great opulence and decadence. Here all that was glittering and glamorous collided with the harsh and depraved. Here Jeannie Fleming came to escape from her demanding and too-vigilant guardian who asked only for her innocence, her willingness, in the satisfaction of his lust. Jeannie was to discover, though, that the world into which she had escaped was sin itself; her past was innocent compared to what she discover... View more info

Tiger Sky

By: Elver, Rose

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 1978

Seller ID: kb009997

Condition: Good

189 pages; Harlequin Romance #2244; spine creasing, edge wear; Trying to escape from the unwelcome advances of an ardent suitor, Selina Roxley had become hopelessly lost near the foot of the Himalayas. Fortunately she was soon found by the masterful Luke van Meer. He promised to escort her safely back to civilization - but only after he and his companion had completed their mysterious jungle expedition. Selina instinctively trusted Luke with her life.. but could she trust him with her wayward heart? View more info


By: Flanders, Rebecca

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 1984

Seller ID: kb009531

ISBN: 0373160836

Condition: Good

253 pages; light spine creasing, light edge wear; Harlequin American Romance #83; Love was simple in a world of daydreams. Reality was always disappointing and Stacey had no desire to spoil the image of Jon Callan of her daydreams. Stacey protested vigorously as she was ushered backstage to Callan's dressing room. View more info

New Yorker Nurse

By: Fletcher, Dorothy

Price: $3.05

Publisher: New York, Ace: 1969

Seller ID: kb012249

ISBN: 0441573061

Condition: Good

156 pages; edge wear, some light creasing to front cover; a few pages near the end were bound-in wrong - leaving very narrow page margins or in a couple cases, partial cut-off of the last letter of text. Nurse Dinah Mason, almost twenty-six and still single, was happy living in glamorous New York City, deeply satisfied with her job caring for private patients. Then one day Dinah met handsome jet-setter Dick Claiborne, and for the first time in her life she knew what love was... and how painful it could be. View more info

Let Love Abide (Harlequin Romance #1172)

By: Ford, Norrey

Price: $2.00

Publisher: New York, Harlequin Books: 1974

Seller ID: kb012244

Condition: Good

190 pages; cover and hinge creases, edge wear; Sally, secretary to the lawyer Paul Winn, knew that he had won his reputation as a fighter because he fought with heart as well as mind. he cared passionately for the poor, the old, the troubled and the ill-done-to. She admired him greatly for it, but how she wished he would care passionately for just one other certain person as well.. View more info

The Wallflower (Harlequin Superromance #790)

By: Freed, Jan

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 1998-05-01

Seller ID: kb012254

ISBN: 0373707908

Condition: Good

298 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Sarah Davidson is the lone witness to a brutal murder. After the killer makes an attempt on her life, she's put under police protection. But when one of the cops turns on her, she's forced to hide in a place no one would ever think to look. Sarah's solution? Roosevelt High. She'll masquerade as a high school senior and try to blend in. But no one can ignore the "cool girl from California." Especially not Jack Morgan, her English teacher. Under ordinary circumstances, he would be the perfect man for her. But he'll never look at her as a woman unle... View more info

Illusions of Love

By: Freeman, Cynthia

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Berkley: 1996

Seller ID: kb010154

ISBN: 0425085295

Condition: Good

314 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; They had parted 25 years ago in bitterness and anger, starc-crossed lovers whose passions were sacrificed to their destinies. But then a jolting twist of fate.. a chance meeting on the street brought Martin and Jenny together again and suddenly they knew everything else in their lives was a lie. They had to have each other. View more info

The Last Princess

By: Freeman, Cynthia

Price: $1.99

Publisher: New York, Putnam Adult: 1988

Seller ID: kb010343

ISBN: 0399133518

Condition: Good

382 pages; front hinge loose, corners bumped, edge wear; Lily is the ultimate poor little rich girl, abandoned by her parents and sent to the best Swiss boarding school money could buy. Her parents have a society wedding in mind for her but then Lily meets Harry Kohle, an ambitious young writer. View more info

Image for Always and Forever

Always and Forever

By: Freeman, Cynthia

Price: $3.49

Publisher: New York, Putnam Adult: 1990

Edition: First - First edition

Seller ID: kb011485

ISBN: 0399135111

Condition: Near Fine

edge wear to top of dust jacket, slight wear to page ends; 381 pages; With A World Full of Strangers, Seasons of the Heart, The Last Princess and a host of other books, the late Cynthia Freeman became one of the grand dames of romantic fiction. Her last novel, Always And Foreveris sure to become her most unforgettable. This romantic story of extraordinary love brought together by a miracle decades later. View more info

Illusions of Love

By: Freeman, Cynthia

Price: $1.99

Publisher: New York, Putnam Adult: 1985-01-14

Seller ID: kb012317

ISBN: 0399130098

Condition: Fair

308 pages; ex-library with usual markings, edge and corner wear, spine cocked, jacket edges wrinkled; View more info

Nurse at Sundown

By: Gaddis, Peggy

Price: $1.88

Publisher: New York, Magnum Books: 1958

Seller ID: kb009819

Condition: Good

128 pages; cover creasing, edge wear; The beautiful Georgia mansion at Sundown held memories of love for Polly and tragedy for Leisa! View more info