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His Brother's Wife

By: Adams, Audra

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Silhouette Desire: 1995

Seller ID: kb009833

ISBN: 0373059124

Condition: Good

184 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Silhouette Desire #912; One steamy summer night was all Michael and Johanna had. Before he broke her heart. Before she eloped with his brother. Now Johanna is a widow, and she's returned to the only family she has left: Michael. Living under one roof, they discover that time hasn't dampened their passion. View more info

Cimarron Rebel (Silhouette Romance #753)

By: Adams, Pepper

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Silhouette: 1990-09-01

Seller ID: kb012785

ISBN: 0373087535

Condition: Good

189 pages; spine creasing, light edge wear; View more info

North Country Man

By: Alexander, Carrie

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 2002

Seller ID: kb010058

ISBN: 0373711026

Condition: Very Good

296 pages; slight edge wear; Harlequin Superromance #1102; A few years ago, Noah left tthe woods of Michigan, ready to make a difference in the world. After a tragic accident, he came back, blamed by some, pitied by others, misunderstood by all. Now the only thing he wants is to be left alone. Then, one night, Claire Levander stumbles across his path. Claire's not made for the backwoods - she's a businesswoman whose idea of a vacation spot is a well-stocked resort. And although she doesn't know it, she has a plan that could change the lives of the few people in his hometown he still care... View more info

The Chocolate Seduction (Harlequin Temptation #925)

By: Alexander, Carrie

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 2003

Seller ID: kb012158

ISBN: 0373691254

Condition: Very Good

212 pages; faint spine crease; Chef Kristoffer Rex is hot, pure and simple. But for Sabrina Bliss, he's off-limits. Thanks to a bet with her sister, Sabrina can't sleep with a man for one year... unless she falls in love. View more info


By: Allen, Charlotte Vale

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Berkley Books: 1982

Seller ID: kb008075

ISBN: 0425053253

Condition: Fair

373 pp; spine creasing, edge wear, some writing on back cover; In the course of ten years, three people connect at different times, each leaving an indelible impression on the other. Then a terrifying fire unites them in a most unexpected fashion. View more info

Losing Battle (Harlequin Romance #2929)

By: Allyne, Kerry

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin Books: 1988-08-01

Seller ID: kb012703

ISBN: 0373029292

Condition: Good

189 pages; spine taped, spine creasing, edge wear; View more info

All Or Nothing (Harlequin American Romance #103)

By: Alsobrook, Rosalyn

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Harlequin: 1985

Seller ID: kb012212

ISBN: 0373161034

Condition: Good

251 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Housekeepers were supposed to be women. Kind, deferential women who helped smooth the hectic lives of busy executives. Randy Brinnard didn't qualify on any account. Yes, he arrived at the Lovall's Shreveport home with a will to work and stellar references, and rapidly demonstrated that he cooked like a dream and kept a perfect house. But he also called his boss Leslie, teased her mercilessly, and was the genial cause of her ever-increasing emotional chaos. View more info

Hot On Her Tail

By: Anders, Karen

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 2002

Seller ID: kb009623

ISBN: 0373790473

Condition: Very Good

250 pages; faint spine crease, light edge wear; Harlequin Blaze #43; Frecesca Maxwell is on the lam.. ANd if she can resist the sexy, but serious bounty hunter hot on her tail, new name will be cleared of all embezzlement charges. Innocent or not, she's a fugitive, and Austin has staked a claim on her. His pride hangs in the balance. But can he resist the arresting beauty once he's caught and cuffed her? View more info

Image for Honey


By: Andrews, V. C.

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Pocket Books: 2001

Edition: First - First edition

Seller ID: kb009025

ISBN: 0671039962

Condition: Good

180 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Honey never understood her grandfather's religiously fanatical and disapproving eye while growing up in rural Ohio. To him, everything was a sin. When Honey is paired with wealthy piano student Chandler Maxwell for music practice, she feels she's found her soul mate. But her happiness may be short-lived, as a shocking family secret comes to light. Fourth in the Shooting Stars miniseries. View more info

His Lady Midnight

By: Ann, Ferguson Jo

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Zebra: 2001

Edition: First - First edition

Seller ID: kb009622

ISBN: 0821768638

Condition: Good

251 pages; spine creasing, light edge wear.. ex-library with usual markings; After five years of using her family's wealth to purchase the release of convicted thieves who acted in the wake of poverty and desperation, and help them begin again, Phoebe Brackenton suspects a trap to stop her. A carriage idling near the London docks is her only hope for escape, yet its occupant, Lord Galen Townsend, may be shocked by her whispered explanation. Galen could be Phoebe's downfall, too, when she finds herself falling in love. View more info

The French Bride

By: Anthony, Evelyn

Price: $5.00

Publisher: London, Sphere Books: 1976

Seller ID: kb010424

Condition: Good

255 pages; spine creasing, small surface tear where price sticker was removed; edge wear; Hoping to pay off serious debts and reclaim his family's properties in Scotland, Charles Macdonald married Anne de Bernard for her fortune, and made no effort to fulfil his obligations as a husband. Unfortunately, Anne had fallen in love with her husband. in an effort to win him from his mistress, she set out to dazzle the court - and her success included capturing the heart of a young Irish officer; View more info

Image for Velvet Touch (Harlequin Historical)

Velvet Touch (Harlequin Historical)

By: Archer, Catherine

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 1996-05-01

Seller ID: kb013218

ISBN: 0373289227

Condition: Good

296 pages; almost VG with a faint spine crease and light edge wear; THE LADY FELLIS MADE HIS PULSE THUNDER --- YET SHE COULD NEVER BE HIS Indeed, Sir Stephen Clayburn knew all too well her destiny lay in the marriage bed of an enemy. And as the king's messenger, he would be forced to deliver the woman he loved into the arms of another. The king had commanded that she wed, and Fellis had no choice but to agree. Yet how could she tell Sir Stephen, the king's own knight, that she would rather obey the dictates of her own heart and love only him forever? View more info

The Seduction Stakes

By: Armstrong, Lindsay

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Don Mills, ON; Canada, Harlequin Books: 1994

Seller ID: kb008012

ISBN: 0373116268

Condition: Good

186 pp; light spine creasing, edge wear; Harlequin presents #1626; True to her profession, Jane Mathieson argued that a few days' rest - even for an ambitious lawyer approaching burnout - was unncessary... mainly because sharing a house, albeit temporarily, with Liam Benedict, was no way to relax. View more info

Blooming All Over

By: Arnold, Judith

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Mira: 2004-07-01

Seller ID: kb013049

ISBN: 0778320596

Condition: Good

378 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; In this charming sequel to "Love In Bloom's," Susie Bloom stays busy writing "The Bloom's Bulletin" and is keeping her options open--not just with the store, but also with tall, blond and handsome Casey, the store's bagel master. View more info

Cry Uncle

By: Arnold, Judith

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin Books: 1995

Seller ID: kb009319

ISBN: 0373822073

Condition: Good

298 pages; spine creasing, light edge wear; Harlequin's American Heroes Against All Odds series: Florida; Pamela Hayes was onthe run. With her life in jeopardy, she did the only thing she could - marry a stranger, mother his child, and change her identity. Joe Brenner needed a temporary wife until he obtained custody of his rambunctious niece, and Pamela fit the bill perfectly! View more info

Reluctant Lover

By: Arthur, Katherine

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin: 1993

Seller ID: kb009659

ISBN: 037303282X

Condition: Good

187 pages; spine creases; Harlequin Romance #3282; Lyndsay Stuart intended to become just as good a detective as her boss, Quentin Long. But she also had another item on her agenda - get Quent to admit his feelings about her. View more info

Immortal Sins

By: Ashley, Amanda

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Zebra: 2009-10-01

Seller ID: kb016247

ISBN: 0821780646

Condition: Good

377 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Three centuries ago, vampire Jason Rourke succumbed to temptation with a wizard's lovely daughter - and that brief taste of pleasure earned him a powerful curse. Trapped within a painting, unable to quench the hellish thirst that torments him, Jason has given up hope of escape until Karinna Adams purchases the painting and unwittingly frees him. At first, Jason plans only to enlist Kari's help in navigating this strange new world so he can find and punish the wizard who entrapped him. But Kari's enticing sensuality and innocence incite a growing need in Ja... View more info

Image for Green Harvest (Harlequin Romance #2116)

Green Harvest (Harlequin Romance #2116)

By: Ashton, Elizabeth

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin Books: 1977

Seller ID: kb011058

ISBN: 037302116X

Condition: Very Good

188 pages; light edge wear; Toni forced herself to face the truth. Either Julian would marry the nice woman she detested, or he'd go odd for years on an overseas assignment. Toni had been a girl when she'd first declared her lover for Julian -- too young to handle her emotions. Now she was a woman and it was too late. Well, she would survive. But Julian would take a part of her with him and she would never be entirely whole again! View more info

Duke of Scandal

By: Ashworth, Adele

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Avon: 2006-05-01

Seller ID: kb012678

ISBN: 0060528419

Condition: Good

372 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; The scandalously handsome Samson Carlisle is "not" the deceiving nobleman Lady Olivia is searching for, but he's the lover she fervently desires in this second installment of Ashworth's highly sensual, romantic trilogy. View more info

Room... But Not Bored!

By: Atkins, Dawn

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harlequin Temptation: 2003

Seller ID: kb009645

ISBN: 0373691459

Condition: Good

216 pages; faint spine creases; Harlequin Temptation #945; Ariel Adams hates everything about the beach. So when circumstances force her to move into a small beach house, she's convinced life can't get any worse. It can. The house isn't empty. Inside, sports gear, dirty towels, a giant dog... and Jake Renner - the sexy handyman fixing up the cottage. View more info