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Image for The Truth About Cats & Dogs [VHS]

The Truth About Cats & Dogs [VHS]

By: Uma Thurman; Janeane Garofalo

Price: $0.99

Publisher: 20th Century Fox: 1997-02-04

Seller ID: 023822

ISBN: 6304142137

Condition: Very Good

ex-rental tape in excellent condition in lightly worn sleeve; In this updated and gender-reversed variation on Cyrano de Bergerac, Janeane Garofalo stars as Abby, the host of a radio talk show for people who have problems with pets. One day, she gets a call from Brian (Ben Chaplin) who is having trouble with his Great Dane (who enjoys roller skating). After a few minutes on the phone, Brian is immediately taken with Abby, and she's certainly interested in him. However, while Abby is not unattractive, she's terribly self-conscious about her appearance. When he asks her for a description, instea... View more info

The Pied Piper of Hamelin [Slim Case]

By: Van Johnson, Claude Rains, Kay Starr, Jim Backus

Price: $1.99

Publisher: Digiview Productions: 2004-04-04

Seller ID: 025119

Condition: New

New/Sealed in keep case; View more info

Image for Twister:Fury on the Plains [VHS]

Twister:Fury on the Plains [VHS]

By: Various

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Gaiam, Inc.: 1995-01-01

Seller ID: 023492

ISBN: 6304109024

Condition: Very Good

excellent condition tape in original sleeve; View more info

Image for The Chronicles of Riddick (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)

The Chronicles of Riddick (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)

By: Vin Diesel; Karl Urban; Colm Feore

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Universal: 2004-11-16

Seller ID: 031347

Condition: Very Good

good condition DVD in original case with inserts; Vin Diesel returns as the nocturnally gifted antihero Riddick in this sequel to the 2000 cult item Pitch Black. Riddick, on the run from the law and evading mercenaries eager to claim the price on his head, seeks refuge on the planet of Helion, only to discover he's walked into a world in chaos. Helion has been seized by the Lord Marshall (Colm Feore), leader of the Necromongers, a race of bloodthirsty warriors determined to wipe out humanity throughout the universe. Aereon (Judi Dench), leader of Helion's "elementals," pleads with Ridd... View more info

Image for The Three Musketeers [DVD]

The Three Musketeers [DVD]

By: Wayne Allwine, Tony Anselmo, Bill Farmer, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille, Russi Taylor, April Winchell

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Walt Disney Home Entertainment: 2004-08-01

Seller ID: 033410

Condition: Very Good

good condition DVD in original case with inserts; Based very loosely on the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas, this direct-to-video Disney version of The Three Musketeers features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy as janitors who become pawns in a scheme by Peg-leg Pete to take the throne away from Princess Minnie. The threesome works together in order to save the princess and the kingdom. The film features a half-dozen new songs, some of which are based on classical works by famous composers like Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. Perry Seibert, Rovi View more info

Wee Sing in Sillyville

By: Wee Sing

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Price Stern Sloan: 1989

Seller ID: 029523

Condition: Good

nice condition tape, no sleeve View more info

Image for The Marksman [DVD}

The Marksman [DVD}

By: Wesley Snipes;

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Sony Pictures: 2005

Seller ID: 031349

Condition: Very Good

good condition DVD in original case with inserts; Wesley Snipes stars in this pulse-pounding thriller set in the former Soviet Union. A once high-ranking Soviet military leader has resurfaced in Chechnya, where he has been consolidating his power with remarkable success. United States intelligence discovers he's been able to construct a thermonuclear weapon from materials scavenged from an abandoned nuclear power plant, and he and his soldiers have taken a handful of powerful citizens hostage. In hopes of preventing a global catastrophe, the military brings in Painter (Wesley Snipes), a specia... View more info

Image for Casa De Mi Padre [DVD]

Casa De Mi Padre [DVD]

By: Will Ferrell; Gael García Bernal

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Pantelion Films: 2013-03-05

Seller ID: 029932

Condition: Very Good

disc slightly scuffed. ex-library markings on keep case; The son (Will Ferrell) of a rancher unwittingly gets into a war with a local drug lord (Gael Garcia Bernal) after his supposedly wealthy brother (Diego Luna) turns out to be unable to settle the family's financial troubles in this Spanish-language comedy from Gary Sanchez Productions. Frequent Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay (Step Brothers, The Other Guys) produces, with Funny or Die's Matt Piedmont handling direction duties. Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi View more info

McLintock! (John Wayne Estate Authorized Edition) [VHS]

By: William H. Clothier [Cinematographer]; Bill Lewis [Editor]; Otho Lovering [Editor]; Michael Wayne [Producer]; James Edward Grant [Writer];

Price: $1.99

Publisher: Mpi Home Video: 1994-10-17

Seller ID: 026484

ISBN: 6302753295

Condition: Very Good

tape in excellent condition in worn sleeve; George Washington McLintock (John Wayne) has a saddlebag full of trouble. The owner of the largest ranch in the territory, which also includes a mine and a lumber mill that he built up himself, should be a happy, fulfilled man, but he isn't. His wife, Katherine (Maureen O'Hara), walked out on him two years ago without a word of explanation and has been living back east and running in very fancy circles. He's getting older, a fact of which he's constantly reminded as friends around him decline in health. He's being challenged by their sons, eager to m... View more info

Image for Welcome to Collinwood [DVD]

Welcome to Collinwood [DVD]

By: William H. Macy; Isaiah Washington

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Warner Brothers: 2003

Seller ID: 031334

Condition: Very Good

A group of likable losers try to pull of what by their standards seems like a major heist in this offbeat crime comedy, loosely based on the classic Italian caper comedy I Soliti Ignoti. A group of sad sacks living in a rundown neighborhood in Cleveland all have one thing in common -- they need money, and aren't especially fussy about how they get it. Riley (William H. Macy) is a guy whose wife has been sent to jail, leaving him to look after their baby, when she's unable to pay a fine. Pero (Sam Rockwell) is in love with a beautiful girl (Jennifer Esposito) who has a roving eye, and he's conv... View more info

Image for Frantic [VHS]

Frantic [VHS]

By: Witold Sobocinski [Cinematographer]; Roman Polanski [Writer]; Thom Mount [Producer]; Tim Hampton [Producer]; Gérard Brach [Writer]; Jeff Gross [Writer]; Robert Towne [Writer];

Price: $0.75

Publisher: Warner Home Video: 1994-04-27

Seller ID: 029412

ISBN: 6301071409

Condition: Very Good

light wear to original sleeve; tape in excellent condition; Following the disastrous Pirates (1986), director Roman Polanski got back on creative track with this finely-wrought thriller that, while failing to impress at the box office, was nevertheless his most critically well-received film of the decade. Harrison Ford stars as Richard Walker, an American doctor who has come to Paris, where he's scheduled to deliver a paper to a medical conference. Richard has brought along his wife Sondra (Betty Buckley), because Paris was the site of their honeymoon 20 years earlier. Sondra picks up the wro... View more info

Image for To The Edge of the Earth (The Infinite Voyage) [VHS]

To The Edge of the Earth (The Infinite Voyage) [VHS]


Price: $2.99

Publisher: WOED Pittsburgh: 1990

Seller ID: 030589

Condition: Very Good

excellent condition tape in lightly worn sleeve; former library copy; 60 minutes; A voyage to far flung locations for some of the most amazing sights on earth: An underwater cave on the Galapagos Islands; The lush and unknown world of the Costa Rican jungle canopy; 17,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayas; The undersea island of Loihi near Hawaii; Unique hot spots in the frozen Arctic, teeming with life; View more info

Image for Toby McTeague (VHS)

Toby McTeague (VHS)

By: Yannick Bisson; Timothy Webber

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Charter Entertainment Video: 1987

Seller ID: 023622

Condition: Very Good

Excellent condition tape in lightly worn sleeve; Toby McTeague (Yannick Bisson) is a teen-aged boy, living in a flyspeck town in Northern Canada with his father and younger brother. Toby's thriving livelihood, raising and training sled dogs, is threatened by a dip in the local economy. His problems are intensified by the ongoing hostilities between Toby and his dad (Winston Reckert). Running away from home, Toby makes the acquaintance of elderly Indian chief George Wild Dog (George Clutesi), who years earlier had been "shaman," or spiritual advisor, to Toby's father. It is Chief Wild D... View more info

Image for The Derby Stallion (Special Edition) [DVD]

The Derby Stallion (Special Edition) [DVD]

By: Zac Efron; Bill Cobbs

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment: 2009-06-02

Seller ID: 037615

Condition: Very Good

good condition DVD in original case with inserts; A teenage boy develops a sense of purpose and some new friends through an unlikely alliance with a aging musician and his horse in this drama for the whole family. Fifteen-year-old Patrick McCardle (Zac Efron) is the son of a former professional football player, Jim (William R. Moses), who wants his boy to follow in his footsteps as an athlete. But Patrick has never had much aptitude or interest in football, baseball, or track, and doesn't feel especially close either to his father or his classmates at school. Patrick has struck up a friendship... View more info