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Image for Panic


By: Abbott, Jeff

Price: $1.99

Publisher: New York, Dutton: 2005-08-18

Edition: Book Club

Seller ID: 040115

ISBN: 0525949046

Condition: Very Good

light edge wear to boards and jacket; What if everything in your life was a lie? Things are going well for 24 year-old Evan Casher: his career as a documentary filmmaker is booming and his relationship with his new girlfriend, Carrie, couldn't be better. After an urgent phone call from his mother, he makes an unexpected trip home to Austin. Then the unthinkable happens. He arrives to find his mother brutally murdered, and narrowly escapes an attempt on his own life. Spirited away from the scene by an enigmatic mercenary with an agenda of his own, Evan is confronted with a shocking fact: his en... View more info

Image for End of Story: A Novel of Suspense

End of Story: A Novel of Suspense

By: Abrahams, Peter

Price: $5.99

Publisher: New York, William Morrow: 2006-03-28

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 037439

ISBN: 0060726652

Condition: Very Good

light edge wear to boards and jacket; While teaching writing skills to prison inmates, Ivy Seidel discovers Vance Harrow, convicted of a terrible crime, shows tremendous talent. Ivy sets out to investigate his past and to correct an injustice, but someone doesn't want the past disturbed. View more info

Image for The Private Eye

The Private Eye

By: Adams, Cleve F.

Price: $3.99

Publisher: New York, Signet: 1942

Seller ID: 039397

Condition: Good

spine creasing, edge wear, covers soiled and creased; Fourth printing circa 1960; Detective John J. Shannon mixes with two copper magnates, murder, Mexican nightclub entertainers, and a few smart, lusty dames in this murder mystery. View more info

Image for Dive Deep and Deadly

Dive Deep and Deadly

By: Alam, Glynn Marsh

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Pearl River, NY, Avocet Press: 2000-06-01

Seller ID: 034507

ISBN: 0966107292

Condition: Good

ex-library with usual markings; light edge wear; Born in a swamp house, Luanne has returned to the dilapidated structure after her father?s death. She lives on the Palmetto River, between the glass bottomed boat park of Palmetto Spring and the tiny river town of Fogarty Spring. Her nearest neighbor and friend is the octogenarian Cajun, Dorian Pasquin.Luanne?s struggle to repair the house comes to a halt when sheriff?s detective, Tony Amado, asks her to check out one of the deep underwater caves at Palmetto Spring where some boys have reported seeing a body. Luanne, a scuba diver who has a life... View more info

Image for Indian Killer

Indian Killer

By: Alexie, Sherman

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Grand Central Publishing: 1998-01-01

Seller ID: 025762

ISBN: 0446673706

Condition: Good

420 pages; spine creasing, edge wear, some underlining; A serial killer is stalking Seattle--taking the scalps of white males. Dubbed the "Indian Killer" by the local populace, the murderer's action have thrown the city's Native American community into turmoil. As retaliatory hate crimes against Native Americans escalate, John Smith--a Native American raised by a white family--must confront the violence in the streets--as well as in his own heart. View more info

Image for A Coffin for Dimitrios

A Coffin for Dimitrios

By: Ambler, Eric

Price: $1.99

Publisher: New York, Vintage Crime/Black Lizard: 2001-10-09

Seller ID: 040269

ISBN: 0375726713

Condition: Very Good

light edge wear; A chance encounter with a Turkish colonel leads Charles Latimer, the author of a handful of successful mysteries, into a world of sinister political and criminal maneuvers. At first merely curious to reconstruct the career of the notorious Dimitrios, whose body has been identified in an Istanbul morgue, Latimer soon finds himself caught up in a shadowy web of assassination, espionage, drugs, and treachery that spans the Balkans. View more info

Image for Night Train

Night Train

By: Amis, Martin

Price: $1.99

Publisher: New York, Harmony: 1998-01-12

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 032711

ISBN: 0609601288

Condition: Good

ex-library with library markings; light edge wear to jacket and boards; An exhilarating departure for the bestselling author of "London Fields" and "Time's Arrow", this gritty, credible, totally captivating mystery follows the exploits of American homicide detective Jennifer Rockwell and the intriguing case that gets under her skin. View more info

Image for Death in the Thames

Death in the Thames

By: Anderson, John. R. L

Price: $6.99

Publisher: New York, Stein and Day: 1975-01-01

Edition: Second Printing

Seller ID: 037061

ISBN: 0812818245

Condition: Very Good

light edge wear to boards and jacket; Vital information is being leaked from top British companies, and with the Cold War intensifying, the Home Office suspects it is travelling east. The leak is traced to the Oxfordshire headquarters of a large scientific engineering group. Thanks to his new-found reputation as an amateur sleuth, Peter Blair is called to investigate. Peter travels undercover as a river-bound holidaymaker. But this is no pleasure cruise - before long Peter finds himself face-to-face with murder. Death in the Thames, the second mystery featuring Peter Blair, and following on fr... View more info

Ballet of Death (Zebra Mystery Puzzler #35)

By: Anthony, Elizabeth

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New York, Zebra Books: 1979

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: kb009931

ISBN: 0890835268

Condition: Good

188 pages; reading copy only of this exceptionally rare title... cover is missing top 1", creasing, some foxing to page edges, pages yellowed; "As the Tippett Ballet Company rehearsed their new production, "American Gun," a series of events proved that violent title to be prophetic. When the overbearing head of the company is found resting in peace in her bloodied bedroom one night, solo dancer Pauling Lyons tries to prove the innocence of Colleen, the suspected dancer she is coaching. View more info

Image for The Charlotte Armstrong Festival: 3 Novels

The Charlotte Armstrong Festival: 3 Novels

By: Armstrong, Charlotte

Price: $2.99

Publisher: New York, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan: 1975-01-01

Edition: Book Club

Seller ID: 034704

ISBN: 0698106962

Condition: Very Good

light edge wear to boards and jacket; Contains 3 Complete novels: The Gift Shop; Lemon in the Basket; and The Balloon Man. View more info

Image for Chosen Parents

Chosen Parents

By: Arrighi, Mel

Price: $7.99

Publisher: New York, St Martins Press: 1986-11-01

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 038511

ISBN: 031213391X

Condition: Very Good

light edge wear to boards and jacket; A detective believes that Scott and Sandy Lamson, two bright, beautiful, and incestuous siblings, have murdered their parents and are engaged in a deadly, bizarre game that involves a search for new parents and strange accidents. View more info

Antarctic Navigation

By: Arthur, Elizabeth

Price: $4.99

Publisher: New York, Knopf: 1995-01-15

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 027014

ISBN: 0679418954

Condition: Very Good

798 pages; light edge wear to jacket and boards; several articles on the arctic or antarctic laid-in; This story of an expedition to the South Pole, led by a young, ardent, complicated American woman, is a novel whose authenticity, storytelling force, and metaphorical richness immerses readers in the world of Antarctic exploration. It illuminates both the meaning of the century now ending and the power of the human spirit to navigate the new and the unknown. 4 maps. View more info

Image for Jordan's Crossing: A Novel

Jordan's Crossing: A Novel

By: Arthur, Randall

Price: $0.99

Publisher: Sisters, OR, Multnomah: 2003-09-20

Seller ID: 039672

ISBN: 1590522605

Condition: Very Good

edge wear; When his son is murdered, pastor Jordan Rau sets out on a course of action that will destroy not only the murderers, but his own family as well--and only a miracle can stop him. View more info

The Last Goodbye

By: Arvin, Reed

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Harpercollins: 2005

Seller ID: kb008496

ISBN: 0060555521

Condition: Good

386 pp. spine creasing, some edge wear; Relegated to a job in a seedy downtown office after an unfortunate affair, down-on-his-luck attorney Jack Hammond works as a court-appointed attorney until a close friend is found murdered, a case that draws him into the world of a beautiful opera singer. View more info

Image for Robert B. Parker's Lullaby (Spenser)

Robert B. Parker's Lullaby (Spenser)

By: Atkins, Ace; Parker, Robert B.

Price: $5.99

Publisher: New York, Putnam Adult: 2012-05-01

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 023717

ISBN: 0399158030

Condition: Very Good

310 pages; light edge wear to jacket and boards; "Spenser takes up a seemingly open and closed cold case at the behest of a street-wise 16 year old girl, who believes her mother's murderers went free. As Spenser digs deeper into the mystery, he finds a much more dangerous and complex mystery than he bargained for"-- View more info

Image for Dirty Harriet

Dirty Harriet

By: Auerbach, Miriam

Price: $1.99

Publisher: Harlequin Next: 2006-03-28

Seller ID: 034636

ISBN: 0373880901

Condition: Good

spine creasing, edge wear; Goodbye mansion, hello Hog. This former Boca Babe is now a Biker Babe with a rap sheet and a license to track down bad guys and solve crimes. Go ahead. Make her day. Harriet ?Dirty Harriet? Horowitz had it all. Money. Plastic Surgery. Servants. Then her husband raised his fist one time too many, and she shot and killed him. Now, she lives in the South Florida swamps, rides a Harley, and owns a private eye agency. Her best friend?the only friend who makes sense anymore?is an alligator named Lana. Then the Contessa von Phul, a woman from Harriet?s society days, hires H... View more info

The Whole Truth

By: Baldacci, David

Price: $1.99

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing: 2008-04-22

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 032844

ISBN: 0446195979

Condition: Good

edge wear to boards and jacket, some light soiling, creases in jacket flap; In this terrifying thriller with a global backdrop, the characters' lives collide head-on as a series of events is set in motion that could change the world. "The Whole Truth" delivers all the twists and turns, drama, and quick pacing that David Baldacci fans expect. View more info

Image for The Whole Truth (A. Shaw #1)

The Whole Truth (A. Shaw #1)

By: Baldacci, David

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Vision: 2009-02-24

Seller ID: 033557

ISBN: 0446539686

Condition: Good

spine creasing, edge wear; Premium mass market format; Nicolas Creel is a man on a mission. He heads up the world's largest defense contractor, The Ares Corporation. Dick Pender is the man Creel retains to "perception manage" his company to even more riches by manipulating international conflicts. But Creel may have an even grander plan in mind.Shaw, a man with no first name and a truly unique past, has a different agenda. Reluctantly doing the bidding of a secret multi-national intelligence agency, he travels the globe to keep it safe and at peace.Willing to do anything to get back to... View more info

Image for First Family (King & Maxwell Series)

First Family (King & Maxwell Series)

By: Baldacci, David

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Grand Central Publishing: 2010-03-01

Seller ID: 033672

ISBN: 0446539740

Condition: Good

spine creasing, heavy edge wear; A daring kidnapping turns a children's birthday party at Camp David into a national security nightmare, but the hostage is not who anyone would expect. View more info

Image for Jake & Mimi

Jake & Mimi

By: Baldwin, Frank

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Onyx: 2002-11-05

Seller ID: 021055

ISBN: 0451410580

Condition: Good

357 pages; spine creasing, edge wear; Jake Teller is a seduction artist, an expert in taking control. No challenge is more arousing than a virtuous woman. Mimi Lessing is a young professional engaged to a respectable and dependable man. Then she meets Jake--and all reason disappears. They soon embark on the most intense and satisfying affair they have ever encountered, not realizing that someone is watching them. View more info