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Image for Honor Among Enemies (Honor Harrington #6)

Honor Among Enemies (Honor Harrington #6)

By: Weber, David

Price: $1.49

Publisher: New York, Baen: 1997-06-01

Seller ID: 037702

ISBN: 0671877836

Condition: Good

spine creasing, edge wear; For Captain Honor Harrington, it's sometimes hard to know who the enemy really is. Offered a chance to reclaim her career as an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy, she is given command of a 'squadron' of jury-rigged merchantmen with crew drawn from the dregs of her service, and ordered to somehow stop the pirates who have taken advantage of the Havenite War to plunder the Star Kingdom's commerce. But the pirates are not all they seem - and neither are some of her 'friends'. For Honor has been carefully chosen for her mission - by two implacable and powerful enemies... View more info

Image for In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington Series #7)

In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington Series #7)

By: Weber, David

Price: $0.99

Publisher: New York, Baen: 1998-10-01

Seller ID: 037565

ISBN: 0671577700

Condition: Good

spine creasing, edge wear; Honor Harrington has faced ship-to-ship combat, assassins, political vendettas and duels. She's been shot at, shot down, and just plain shot; had starships blown out from under her, and made personal enemies who will do anything to ruin her, and she's survived it all. Now she finds herself on board a battlecruiser bound for a prison planet aptly named 'Hell' - and her scheduled execution. Put into solitary confinement, separated from her officers and her treecat Nimitz, and subjected to systematic humiliation by her gaolers, her future has become both bleak and short... View more info

Image for Hell's Gate (Multiverse #1)

Hell's Gate (Multiverse #1)

By: Weber, David; Evans, Linda

Price: $1.49

Publisher: New York, Baen: 2008-04-29

Seller ID: 033182

ISBN: 1416555412

Condition: Good

edge wear, small surface tear in top corner of spine; The Union of Arcana has expanded through the portals linking parallel universes for over a century and a half. In that time, its soldiers and sorcerers have laid claim to one uninhabited planet after another?all of them Earth, and in the process, the Union has become the most powerful, most wealthy civilization in all of human history. But all of that is about to come to a screeching halt, for the Union?s scouts have just discovered a new portal, and on its far side lies a shattering revelation. Arcana is not alone, after all. There is anot... View more info