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Entourage: Season 3 Part 2 [DVD set, 2007] Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier

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Very Good
Region Code
DVD: 1 (US, Canada...)
Movie/TV Title
Entourage - Season 3, Part 2
Release Year
Kevin Connolly
Case Type
TV Series
Seller Notes
  • “good condition DVD in original case with inserts; Up-and-coming movie star Vince (Adrian Grenier) ... Read moreabout the seller notes“good condition DVD in original case with inserts; Up-and-coming movie star Vince (Adrian Grenier) has good reaso...

About this item

Entourage; Season 3, Part 2 [DVD]

Author: Kevin Connolly; Adrian Grenier

Publication: : HBO, 2007

Binding: DVD


Condition: Used: Very Good

Description: good condition DVD in original case with inserts; Up-and-coming movie star Vince (Adrian Grenier) has good reason to celebrate as Entoruage begins its third season: He has landed the title role in "Aquaman", a megabucks epic directed by Titanic's own James Cameron. Likewise luxuriating in Vince's good fortune are his pals Eric (Kevin Connolly and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and his actor brother Drama (Kevin Dillon). The only one not in a celebratory mood is Vince's agent Ari (Jerry Piven), who has been booted from his job at a powerful Hollywood talent agency and is now living a hand-to-mouth existence and working out of an office no bigger than a broom closet. For a while, it looks like Vince will also suffer from a stroke of bad luck when the LA opening of "Aquaman" is repeatedly interrupted by rolling power blackouts. This is the season that Vince adopts a new member of his entourage, an ex-convict named Dom (Domenick Lombardozzi), who promptly comes up with a plan to land Vince the role of a lifetime in the upcoming film "Medelin"--which, alas, would screw our hero out of starring in "Aquaman 2". Meanwhile, Turtle is managing pop singer Saigon and, as usual, is having trouble handling success. Drama is given a shot at TV stardom in his own series, "Five Towns". And after two years of delays, Vince and Eric's independent project "Queen's Boulevard" may finally see the light of day. Unfortunately, once again poor Ari is unable to capitalize on Vince's success, having managed to mess up a proposed film project for The Ramones and subsequently being replaced by new agent Amanda (Carla Gugino)--whose first assignment for Vince is a period drama based on the works of Edith Wharton, not exactly a brilliant career move for the star of "Aquaman." Ultimately, Ari resurfaces out of nowhere with financing for the temporarily-shelved "Medelin", but Vince isn't prepared for the sacrifice he must make to get this job. And while all this is going on, Turtle's fondness for limited-edition sneakers may completely alter the course of his life. Among the celebrities appearing as themselves this season are James Woods, Seth Green, Eric Burns and Pauly Shore. Hal Erickson, Rovi

Ref#: 050726

Subject: Movies

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